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Hunan HongXun new energy to the domestic 985 University (Hunan University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Zhejiang University) professors, associate professors, Ph.D. and other talent for the main technology to serve green energy, to create a green miracle To form a set of research and development, manufacturing and sales as one of the high-performance professional and large-scale automotive power battery packaging industrial base as the goal. The company is committed to creating a leading domestic automotive battery packaging production base, into the domestic industry with the most competitive enterprises in the ranks.
As a commitment to the power battery management system, mechanical and electrical control, vehicle electronic control systems, intelligent terminals, such as the development of private high-tech enterprises, is currently headquartered in Zhuzhou City, China Power Valley, the core technical team from the State Key Laboratory of Vehicle Engineering Hunan University of Mechanical and Transportation Institute of electric vehicles, the existing R & D staff of more than 40, of which more than 10 doctorate, master of more than 20 people.
The company has in Changsha, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Kunshan and other cities with branches. Adhering to the "strength to create quality, innovation to lead the future" business philosophy, the company relies on strong technical research and development strength in the field, made many domestic vehicle companies and batteries manufacturing enterprises recognized, and strive through continuous deep cooperation, and gradually become the industry leader , For the new energy vehicles in China's vigorous development to provide a strong boost.



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