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In September 7th, the four round of low speed electric vehicles, the national standard (Draft), new energy circle spread
Standard setting process
In April 2016, the "four round of low-speed electric vehicles technical condition" of national standards project plans to seek the views of the public.
In October 2016, the National Standards Commission officially approved and issued the "four round of low-speed electric vehicle technical conditions" recommended national standards plan (No. 20161682-T-339).
In November 18, 2016, the "four round of low-speed electric vehicle technical conditions" standard working group set up a meeting held in Beijing on the second. The Ministry of public security, the Ministry of transportation, industry and commerce administration, the national standards committee, the National Commission and other state departments, China automotive technology and Research Center, China Automobile Industry Association, Institute of automotive engineering, Chinese China Automotive Engineering Research Institute, Ministry of Public Security Traffic Management Research Institute, Ministry of public security traffic safety research center to participate in the standard setting.
In December 2016, the four round of low-speed electric car standard working group of the second meeting held in Beijing.
The meeting made it clear that the low speed electric vehicle road requires qualification, standards, licenses, driver's license, insurance and other five requirements, in terms of safety management, will be the same as ordinary passenger cars.
According to reports, there are "battery selection, collision standard, body size, mass" four controversial two meetings, but reached five as follows:
The name: low-speed electric car is unified formal definition for the four round of low-speed electric car.
The speed of the maximum speed set at 40-70 km, more than 70 kilometers of automatic alarm.
The mileage: mileage more than 90 kilometers, the comprehensive mode should be more than 60 km mileage to 40 km, 0 speed of not more than 10 seconds.
The seat: four wheel low speed electric vehicles should be designed as 4 seat and the following models.
The safety standard: according to the traditional personal independence of conduct passenger car standard down properly.
In September 7, 2017, the four round of low-speed electric car national standard (Draft) new energy circle spread spread.
Changes in the draft standard
The author found that there is no big difference between the version and the technical specifications of micro electric vehicles published in 2016. Highlights are as follows:
The battery: take GB/T31467 "electric vehicle lithium ion battery power battery pack and standard system".
The collision standard: according to the GB20071 "Automobile Side Impact Occupant Protection" standard, the front collision 40 kilometers per hour.
The body size: length of not more than 3500mm, the width is not more than 1500mm, the height of not more than 1700mm. Relative to the 2016 draft, further reduced.
The mass: curb weight is not less than 800kg? Is it a bare car or a battery? Or limit the quality of the bare car to the battery? The question was inconclusive at this meeting.
The speed limit of not less than 40, not more than 70Km/h.



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