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The morning of June 27th ten, the provincial Party committee, province of the United Front minister Huang Lanxiang line accompanied by Zhuzhou municipal Party committee secretary Mao Tengfei, Changyang City, the great patriotic to visit our company to visit, the company deputy general manager Zhu Yun and Jiang Yinfeng accompanied the reception.

Mr. Zhu explained to Mr. Huang in detail the current products, development process and future development plan of our company. As the China power Valley returnee entrepreneurship on behalf of the enterprise, the minister expressed appreciation for our current achievements, we encourage their ability in Zhuzhou better, especially for the new energy industry to provide a powerful technical support for the development of power battery system, I hope the company can make a greater contribution to promoting regional economic development in China and the new the development of the energy industry.

After the visit, the Minister stressed that the current domestic and foreign talent competition has intensified, China power Valley to introduce talents policy more perfect, to strengthen publicity and marketing, to attract more overseas students to form clusters, to carry out the creative power Valley, at the same time, solid and meticulous service personnel work, support them, rooting flowering, in this piece of fertile ground for entrepreneurship results.



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