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In June 21st, Professor Dai Hongliang, vice president of mechanical and Transportation Engineering Institute of Hunan University, and his party, 5 people came to visit the company. Dr. Zhu Hao, general manager of the company, accompanied us. Dai president to the general manager of the detailed understanding of the current situation and future development plan.

After the visit, a dean said teachers team entrepreneurship is a very challenging attempt, our company is very good in this piece of the achievements of the scientific research team of the learning atmosphere is very strong, very strong sense of innovation, our young team continues to own practical basis, has been constructed their core competitiveness.

Mr Zhu said that he would like to thank the dean for coming to visit our company and making suggestions for the development of our company. He also hoped that the two sides will explore more cooperation and win-win results in the cooperation between schools and enterprises.



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