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      The morning of August 18th 9:00, held in 2017 at the Alex Hua Tian hotel innovation and entrepreneurship contest the semi-finals ceremony, announced the list of qualified companies and project meeting, Hong Xun Yian successfully entered the semi-finals.

      Innovation and entrepreneurship competition this year by the CPC Zhuzhou Municipal Personnel Work Leading Group Office guidance, organized by the Zhuzhou Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, Zhuzhou Productivity Promotion Center, Hunan Tianyi multi-creation incubator company jointly sponsored. The competition is divided into registration, preliminaries, semi-finals and finals in four stages, it is understood that there are 110 enterprises, more than 30 teams participated in the preliminary contest of innovation and entrepreneurship. After layers of strict screening, the last 60 enterprises and teams were eligible to enter the semi-finals.
      During the season, "red packets" constantly, excellent teams free to settle in the public space. Excellent project will directly participate in the investment and financing, can enjoy preferential policies landing park located in excellent enterprise project, or even a direct free, a city located in Tianyi in the public record space.
Competition is divided into start-up group, growth enterprise group, team group, each set one or two, three prize and outstanding award several names. Contest bonus 1 million yuan, won the first prize will be given 100 thousand yuan of venture capital support. Winning enterprises, teams will also enjoy project support and incentives, investment and credit recommendations, incubators and creative space support, entrepreneurship training, publicity and promotion and other support.
      Enterprises and teams that have participated in national and provincial competitions will also receive a subsidy of up to 5000 yuan.For the smooth going to the semi-finals, this is our entire company's affirmation, and we will also cherish this opportunity, in the next finals to achieve more excellent results.



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