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On May 22nd, vice governor of Hunan Province, Zhuzhou China Xiang power Valley Innovation Park research, Hunan Wang Xun Yian was honored to have to the Amperex Technology Limited vice governor of the first investigation enterprise. During the party secretary Mao Tengfei, Changyang Weiguo, vice mayor Yang Shengyue, Tianyuan party secretary Zhou Jianguang, Tianyuan mayor Dong Wei and other accompanying research.
The work of scientific and technological innovation to vice governor of Hong Xun Yian focuses on our corporate, watch for new energy vehicle power battery system supporting the production, asked in detail about the battery technology and independent intellectual property rights of enterprises, to give a high evaluation and great encouragement, believe that we can create a macro fast chemical production base power lithium ion battery package in China's most advanced battery package base for the industrialization of high performance specialization and scale car construction R & D, manufacturing and sales.
In the research process, emphasize to vice governor, science and technology innovation is the high-tech zone's vitality, we must grasp the key points to strengthen the scientific and technological innovation driven, the driving force for us to park; also stressed that such innovative enterprises to provide excellent environment and service quality, to transform government functions, decentralization, optimize the environment, improve service as the starting point to further promote the work of scientific and technological innovation, help enterprises to carry out the depth of cooperation, and promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements air plant.



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