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Campus Recruitment


Job description:
1. Responsible for the R & D and design of the new product's structural components: carry out feasibility demonstration, issue design scheme, complete the structural design.
2, responsible for the R & D product parts and structural parts selection, tracking new product trial production, writing product development report.
3, participate in the company's existing product technical improvement, with the preparation of product technical standards, proofreading mechanical drawings.
4. Provide technical support to other departments: participate in the technical capability evaluation of suppliers and outsourcing plants, responsible for the technical support of large customers and customized products of major projects.
Job requirements:
1 、 mechanical drawing, structural design, mold design, mechanical and electrical integration and other related professional, bachelor degree or above.
2, familiar with sheet metal parts, plastic parts, hardware and other material characteristics, familiar with mechanical processing technology, surface treatment technology.
3, skilled use of CAD, 3D graphics and other mechanical design software.

Demand number: 4 people
Salary: 3500 yuan -4000 yuan



Contact: Miss Fu

Phone: 15111247914

Tel: 0731-22335900


Add: Sanzhou District, Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province, China Power Valley R & D Center C District

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