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Campus Recruitment



Position responsibility:
1. Bachelor degree or above in computer, communication, electronics and related majors, English level 4 or above.
2. Familiar with C/C++, familiar with multithreading, multi process programming, good coding style, able to read digital circuit and analog circuit.
3, with the ability to lower the underlying driver or upper application development, with the ability to debug hardware.
4. Team spirit, work responsibility, able to withstand pressure, have the independent or responsible for the application software development based on embedded system priority.
Job requirements: familiar with the development of MC51 Series MCU, familiar with uCOS-II operating system, good team cooperation ability, cooperation with people to develop projects priority

Demand number: 4 people
Salary: 4000 yuan -5500 yuan



Contact: Miss Fu

Phone: 15111247914

Tel: 0731-22335900


Add: Sanzhou District, Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province, China Power Valley R & D Center C District

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