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In June 13, 2017, the State Council Legislative Affairs Office released the official website of the Ministry of "corporate average fuel consumption of passenger cars and new energy vehicles in parallel integral management approach (consultation draft)" (hereinafter referred to as "double integral policy") Notice of public comment. The release of the notice, mainly to disclose three points of information to the outside world:
First, the "double integration" policy is imperative, the industry had hoped to delay the implementation or not implemented, disillusioned.
Two is the new version of the policy, once again clear the new energy vehicles prominent role and status, fuel consumption accounting preferences, one-way deduction, can trade three advantages, so that car prices can not resist the temptation of NEV.
Three is the new energy vehicle integration rules make significant adjustments, the ladder computing method to change part of the linear calculation method, and strengthen the technical indicators of the assessment.



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